“Give your time to people, that’s worth than million dollars”

Shams Aalam an epic.
I came to know this wonderful guy during my PG college days. Spell blinding experience to say about this wonderful Man.
On the first day while he was rolling his wheel chair on our college floor on his own, I was excited and first time seeing people on wheel chair than heard. On to the path, he and me was sharing same room in the college hostel. That’s the place where i got cake to know about this man. “Work hard while you work, play hard work you play”. He is the best example of this one liner.
He said, in an accident he has no sensation from his abdomen but while days passed i felt what all the work he does physically and mentally can a normal person do? It was a question mark.
Early morning 4o clock he offers prayer. And at 5 he goes to gym, sharp at 8 he will be in the class room, and evening 4 after college hours he used to go for swimming still 8. In between many kind of social work he does. This is the way he got disguise from other people.
One morning their was a news he is “Limca book of record holder”, i thought this is imbecile a person who cannot walk how can be Limca book of record holder ? But yes it was a ash applying in face moment for me, he was a first paraplegic person who has swim 6 km in Mumbai open seas. And later on days the medals he got was like purchasing chocolates from shop. He got a bronze medal in Canada represented India. And he sacked a lot of medals which i can’t fill now.
A mind blowing event that made my heart freeze was, on April 2017 i guess if I am not wrong, he was the first person who swim in the Alpha wave on the seas for 8km in Goa, this was something which made me think he is not a normal made a man of guts and a man of hard self confidence.
Why i am nominating him for this award is, people like him are the motivators to the society who feels that’s all my life has gone, by seeing this mind blowing man they will surely feel life gets starts where we feel that’s all life has gone. The one example is me. People used to say me I am hope for nothing and i am like garbage. I felt like what a kind of life i am living, after meeting this mind blowing guy by speaking by seeing by sharing with him i felt i am nothing in front of his life cramp which happens to him, that point made change in my life and started to work where i felt my life has gone, and today i am as a cluster manager in a reputed company and shut all the mouth who said i am worth for nothing.
Shams aalam a motivator for this society. Motivator means he don’t wants to go and motivate the society by seeing him people and especially pupil will get motivate and that make the desire to develop a mind blowing India and world ahead.
Finally, the quote which was said by him.
“Give your time to people, that’s worth than million dollars” – Shams Aalam.