Mohammad Shams Aalam Shaikh, a para-athlete, TEDx speaker, model, who proudly holds record of the longest open sea swim by a paraplegic person despite of the failure in his lower back.Not only concentrating on his achievements but also he has encourage many para swimmers who are facing an up hill situations.
Swimming became a beautiful therapy which made miracles in you physically and mentally.
Bane has become boon for you. You have born in karate family but god has planned swimming for you.
I wish other para swimmers should learn to b humble in success and depression in failure.
You always push yourself forward to achieve your goals, whether long term or short term.
Your hard work is the biggest plus point that I have ever seen in you.
Setting a goal with ingredients of  Hardwork , interest, passion, dream will surely get us the success, which I learnt from you.
A person can never be successful if he doesn’t face d failure. You always smile at your problems and over come that in ease.  You have been a spoke person for many other  para swimmers.Despite of physically challenged you proved you are differently abled.
Life could have been usual if I have not met you. You taught me what is the pain of failure and the taste of success. I am always proud and I cherish our good memories, we had.
You are the biggest example for others who sit back in their house. Coz You kicked out your obstacles and came out as flying colors. I wonder, we have not gone through long journey of Friendship but the depth of our friendship matters alot.
You always dream something very big which others can never imagine.
I know , your dream is to achieve in paralympics which to be held in Tokyo. And I’m sure that you will achieve it. I will be proudly watching your success and I always pray for your every  moves to give you success.
when all others choose high paid white collar jobs,You chose your passion, to be become inspiration for others who locked themselves under roof. Dreams can come true by those who have determination to achieve something like you.
I am so proud being your friend and let’s hold our friendship forvever.